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Immunisation news - January 2017

Keep up to date with vaccine information and recommendations.

In this issue:

  • The Australian Immunisation Handbook 10th edition
  • Childhood vaccine coverage has improved
  • Managing vaccine cold chain
  • Vaccine expiring soon?
  • Excessive vaccine ordering wastes money

Vaccine expiring soon?

Vaccine expiry dates must be checked prior to vaccine administration. Expiry dates should be checked when vaccine stock is delivered. The stock with the shorter expiry should be administered first. Sometimes vaccines are distributed with a short dated expiry so highlight the short expiry for staff awareness. Do not administer expired vaccine.

Review the vaccine stock information for vaccine with a short expiry date.

Excessive vaccine ordering wastes money

Ordering vaccines many times a month channels finances away from vaccination programs such as those that support our vulnerable populations. Please plan to order vaccine stock for one month of use. Aim to order once a month, allowing for buffer stock while waiting for the delivery. Ensure the fridge has the capacity to hold stock requirements.

Calculate how many vaccines are needed based on monthly attendance at your clinic.

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