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Immunisation news - November 2016

Keep up to date with vaccine information and recommendations.

In this issue:

  • Updated immunisation schedule and vaccine order forms for the shingles vaccine program
  • Zostavax® FAQs fact sheet
  • An incomplete HPV vaccine course? - check the National HPV Vaccine Program Register
  • Vaccine and Cold Chain Management Webinar - All staff education and training tool
  • Parent's whooping cough vaccine program

Vaccine and Cold Chain Management Webinar - All staff education and training tool

The Victorian PHN Alliance, have a training webinar on vaccine and cold chain management. The webinar runs for 23 minutes. All staff involved with vaccine management from the time it is received by the service until the time the vaccine is administered to the client will benefit. View and distribute the webinar link to interested colleagues.

Parent's whooping cough vaccine program

Pregnant women in their third trimester are eligible for a free Boostrix® vaccine.

Pertussis vaccination provides two-for-one protection for newborn babies. The mother is protected by the vaccine, reducing her risk of infection and the risk of transmission to her newborn. Maternal antibodies produced during pregnancy are transferred to the baby in utero which help to protect them in the newborn period.

Give maternal vaccine with every pregnancy, regardless of the interval between pregnancies.

View personal stories about infant pertussis



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