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  1. I feel important case study - gaining community recognition as an older person

    24 Nov 2015

    This Active Service Model case study shows how person-centred care can improve a Home and Community Care client's capacity to care for themselves and maintain their connection with community...

  2. I have a positive skin test for tuberculosis

    21 May 2015

    Information on what it means to have a positive skin test for tuberculosis...

  3. I wash with soap before I swim stickers

    21 May 2015

    I wash with soap before I swim sticker images. Print on sticker paper or contact the Department for stickers...

  4. Ice Action Plan

    30 Oct 2018

    Victoria's Ice Action Plan outlines strategies and funding to reduce the supply, demand and harm of ice. The plan has been developed on the advice of the Ice Action Taskforce and builds on the...

  5. Ice Action Plan

    Ice Action Plan

    The Ice Action Plan is a Victorian Government initiative for the alcohol and other drug sector...

  6. ICS consumer participation kit

    21 May 2015

    A guide to enhancing consumer and carer participation in Victoria's Integrated Cancer Services - Feb 2007...

  7. ICT specifications - Service coordination tool templates

    05 Aug 2015

    The Department of Health & Human Services has ICT specifications for the service coordination tools and templates used by Victorian service providers...

  8. Identification of a hypervirulent strain of Clostridium difficile

    26 May 2010
    Health Circular 15/2010
  9. Identifying and managing cognitive impairment

    05 May 2016 Identifying and managing cognitive impairment

    Cognitive impairment is when a person has memory and thinking problems. All people over 70 should be screened for cognitive impairment on their first contact with a health service...

  10. Identifying and managing cognitive impairment fact sheet for clinicians

    12 May 2016

    This fact sheet identifies strategies clinicians can use to identify and manage cognitive impairment in older people in Victorian hospitals...