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  1. Q and A Cemetery Land Accounting Policy - implementation issues

    16 Nov 2015

    Responses to Cemetery Land Policy implementation issues...

  2. Q fever

    24 Apr 2019

    Q fever is a notifiable disease in Victoria. Q fever is an occupational hazard for workers who work closely with animals...

  3. Q fever cases in Grampians Region - 3 December 2013

    03 Dec 2013
    ResolvedHealth Advisory 130012
  4. Q fever cases in Grampians Region - alert for health professionals - 3 December 2013

    21 May 2015

    Recent transmission of Q fever in the Grampians Region means that clinicians should be aware of the possibility and test individuals with compatible illness and potential exposures...

  5. QOOL-Vic MDM software

    03 Mar 2021

    The Department of Health is inviting Victorian health services that conduct cancer multidisciplinary team meetings to contact it for implementation and on-going access to the state-wide MDM software...

  6. Qualifications pathways

    21 May 2015

    This document provides a detailed summary of the core spine units of competency as they apply to over 35 health and community services qualifications, as well as the associated occupation titles as...

  7. Quality

    11 Oct 2016

    The HACC Quality Framework aims to ensure high-quality HACC services with a focus on consumer rights...

  8. Quality account reporting - safe and effective blood management

    07 Aug 2019

    Blood transfusion improvements, quality performance indicators, quality and safety improvement, and quality surveillance...

  9. Quality and accreditation - alcohol and other drug services

    29 Apr 2019

    Victorian alcohol and other drug services must comply with relevant accreditations and standards, quality frameworks, policies and procedures...

  10. Quality and outcomes monitoring

    20 Nov 2015

    'Clinical excellence in cancer care’ is a framework for quality in Victorian cancer services. Key indicators measure progress of the cancer reform policy...