The Department of Health runs strategic communications campaigns for the general public, the health sector, local communities and businesses to:

  • raise awareness about health issues like communicable diseases, environmental health and food safety
  • encourage people to make positive health choices
  • protect workers' and consumers' health and safety.

Contact us if you would like more information about any of these campaigns.

Public health campaigns

A man on crutches sitting on a couch, and the safe script logo


The increasing harmful use of prescription medicines, such as opioids and benzodiazepines, is a major public health concern. The department is implementing SafeScript, a clinical tool that will provide information about a patient’s prescription history for certain high-risk medicines.

thunderstorm asthma

Epidemic thunderstorm asthma

On 21 November 2016 Melbourne experienced the world's largest epidemic thunderstorm asthma event. This campaign was launched in response to that event, to provide Victorians with support and advice about thunderstorm asthma and how to prevent and treat it.

Thunderstorm asthma campaign - Better Health Channel
Three young female children in a primary school classroom

No Jab No Play

Victorian childcare facilities and kindergartens require proof of immunisation for children in their care. This campaign provides information for parents about immunisation and providing an immunisation history statement.

No Jab No Play campaign on the Better Health Channel
Young boy wiping his nose

You never forget the flu

The department launched it's campaign You never forget the flu at the beginning of the 2018 influenza season to encourage Victorians to get immunised against influenza and help stop the spread of the flu to vulnerable populations.

You never forget the flu on the Better Health Channel

Health sector campaigns

A serious looking nurse in a hospital ward

It's never OK

In partnership with WorkSafe the department is raising awareness in the healthcare sector about occupational violence and aggression in the workplace - how to deal with it, support staff through it and prevent it.

It's never OK campaign on the WorkSafe website
Male alcohol and drug worker sitting in front of a graffiti wall

Welcome to a world of difference

In August 2018 the department launched a workforce campaign for the alcohol and other drug workforce.

AOD workforce campaign - health.vic

Health promotion campaigns


Women's sexual and reproductive health

Good sexual and reproductive health is important for women’s general health and wellbeing. It is central to their ability to make choices and decisions about their lives, including when, or whether, to consider having children.

Women's sexual and reproductive health - Better Health Channel
Two young girls in a pool

Healthy swimming

Everyone has a responsibility to keep themselves and others safe and healthy in the pool and help keep the pool clean.

The healthy swimming campaign on Better Health Channel

Other public awareness campaigns

Paramedic with three health clinicians

Save lives. Save 000 for emergencies.

We want Victorians to have confidence that in an emergency they will get the care they need, when they need it. That's why we all should save triple zero calls and ambulances for emergencies… because there are alternatives.

Better Health Channel campaign page
A man and woman sitting at a restaurant table with a no smoking sign on it.

Smoking is now off the menu

From 1 August 2017 smoking was banned in outdoor areas at hospitality and food venues, and food fairs. The department ran an extensive campaign to prepare Victorians for the change, and provided support to businesses and event organisers to implement the ban.

Smoke-free outdoor dining - information on health.vic