Events are hosted throughout the year to keep stakeholders up to date on topical issues relating to clinical trial research. Forums are held regularly and there is an annual workshop in May.

Clinical trial research forums  

Clinical trial research forums provide useful information about clinical trials and research. Guest speakers present on a variety of topical issues. Representatives from site research and governance offices, organisations conducting human research, industry sponsors, as well as investigators, trial coordinators, ethics committee members and government are welcome to attend.  

Past clinical trial research forums

Forum presentation – 26 October 2018
AHRDMA 2018 The New Age of Clinical Trials: Registries and Biomarkers

Forum presentation – 24 November 2016
Online clinical trial notification (eCTN) overview for clinical trials

The presentation by Mounir Mina, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), is available on the TGA website

Forum presentations – 23 August 2016
Traversing the gap: site research governance solutions

The August forum featured guest presenters and an expert discussion panel.  Members of the panel were: Deborah Dell, Anne Spence, Claire Gibson, Loretta Gierck, Kylie Hewitt, Sally McCarthy and Amanda Rundle. The presentations set the scene for the open discussion session with the panel. Claire Gibson summarised this discussion and has outlined the take-home messages for action.

Forum presentations - 16 November, 2015 
Registries – issues and enablers

Forum presentations - 11 August 2015
Recruitment - a new approach

Forum presentations - 3 July, 2015
Remote monitoring of trials and access to medical records

National mutual acceptance symposium

Past annual May workshop

Annual May workshop presentations – 01 May 2019
Streamlining Clinical Trials and Research: 10 Years in Victoria

Annual May workshop presentations - 2 May 2018
Research Landscape - Advances and Changes

Annual May workshop presentations - 3 May 2017
Advancing the research environment

Annual May workshop presentations - 4 May 2016
Innovations in clinical trials and research


Research governance/site specific assessment - process and practice booklet

Streamline E-bulletin

The Streamline E-bulletin keeps you informed on the latest clinical trial updates and events. 

Developing best practice in human research ethics review

The below document, prepared by Houston Thomson, contains guidance for HRECs in the conduct of ethical and scientific review of human research proposals.