Health and medical research is important in order to advance medical and scientific knowledge and improve patient care. Research can generate medical interventions that are evidence-based and provide optimal medical treatment to deliver high-quality healthcare. Health and medical research encompasses a wide range of disciplines including clinical research, registries and social research.

Victoria is the premier location for medical research and clinical trials in Australia. This state is recognised as an international leader in health and medical research, and a significant proportion of national government medical research funding is awarded to medical research in Victoria.

The Victorian Government has streamlined the ethical review process to:

  • provide a faster, more efficient process for conducting health and medical research at multiple sites
  • provide cost-effective healthcare through health and medical research that generates evidence on the most effective medical treatment for patients
  • speed up therapeutic product development aimed at world markets
  • improve delivery of new medical treatments to patients early in the development of innovative approaches, medicines and medical devices.

For information on interventional clinical trials refer to the clinical trial research website.

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