Key messages

  • Human research ethics committee approval and research governance/site specific assessment (SSA) authorisation are both required prior to beginning health and medical research in Victoria.
  • HREC approval must be given prior to research governance/SSA authorisation.
  • Applications are made via the ERM website.

Requirements for the HREC application

There are two requirements for commencement of health and medical research in Victoria:

  • human research ethics committee (HREC) approval
  • authorisation from a research governance/SSA.

ERM must be used to complete the HREC application and the research governance SSA form.

Applicants and participating site principal investigators must register for an account on ERM. Registration only needs to be completed once.

The process for ethics approval and SSA authorisation can start at the same time. However, the SSA authorisation cannot be completed until HREC approval has been given.

Reviewing Human Research Ethics Committees – Meetings 2020

Alfred Health HREC Austin Health HREC  Melbourne Health HREC  Monash Health HREC  Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Ethics committee  Royal Children's Hospital (Melbourne) HREC  St Vincent's Hospital (Melbourne) HREC 
Angela Henjak
(61 3) 9076 8825
Lisa Pedro
(61 3) 9496 4035
Jessica Turner
(61 3) 9342 8530
Deborah Dell
(61 3) 9594 4605 
Dianne Snowden
(61 3) 8559 7543
Sophie Gatenby
(61 3) 9345 5044
Leanne Clinch
Sola Soaga

(61 3) 9231 3924
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SCD = submission closing date 
MD = meeting date

Participating organisations

Contact details for participating organisations and Research Governance Officers (RGOs) can be found on the Site Specific Assessment Research Governance page.