The Victorian Government's Health and Medical Research Fellowships are supporting talented health and medical researchers to grow their careers through three, four-year fellowships, each worth a total of up to $800,000.

The focus of the fellowships is on research in the emerging areas of bioinformatics, genomics and health services research.

Recipients of Victorian Health and Medical Research Fellowships

Dr Allison Milner, the University of Melbourne: Tackling the high incidence of suicide in working men

Stressful working conditions are known to be a major risk factor for mental health problems and suicide among men. Dr Milner's research aims to  develop initiatives to reduce the suicide rate and mental health issues in working age men.

Dr Bernard Pope, the University of Melbourne: Developing solutions to aid the early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer

Survival from colorectal cancer and patient's quality of life are significantly improved by early detection, treatment, and risk management. This research develops genomics driven bioinformatics solutions for a more personalised approach to diagnosis and assessment.

Associate Professor Ilana Ackerman, Monash University: How and why hip and knee replacements can sometimes fail, and how to develop methods to minimise these failures

While the rates of hip and knee replacement are increasing among older Australian, these procedures often require revision surgery. Associate Professor Ackerman's research focuses on minimising the burden of revision hip and knee replacement surgery in Victoria and nationally.