Conviction number:
Trade name of food business:
Address of premises where offence(s) occurred:
47 Stephens Street, Dandenong South 3175
Name of convicted person(s) or company:
Bread Choice Pty Ltd
Relationship of convicted person(s) to the business:
Date of conviction:
26 November 2018
Dandenong Magistrates' Court
Court decision:
Found guilty with conviction
Sentence and/or order imposed:
Convicted and fined $10,000 as part of an aggregate order with $4,000 costs
Prosecution brought by or for:
City of Greater Dandenong
Description of offense(s):

Food Act section 16(1) - on 13 March 2018 did fail to comply with any requirement imposed on the person by a provision of the Food Standards Code in relation to conduct of a food business or to food intended for sale or food for sale, specifically:

  1. Standard 3.2.2, clause 3(1)(a) - did fail to ensure that persons undertaking or supervising food handling operations have skills in food safety and food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activities,
  2. Standard 3.2.2, clause 7(1)(a) - fail to take all practicable measures to process only safe and suitable food,
  3. Standard 3.2.2, clause 17(1)(a) - did fail to maintain easily accessible hand washing facilities,
  4. Standard 3.2.2, clause 17(1)(b)(i) - did fail to maintain at or near each hand wash facility, a supply of warm running water,
  5. Standard 3.2.2, clause 17(1)(b)(ii) - did fail to maintain, at or near each hand washing facility, a supply of soap,
  6. Standard 3.2.2, clause 19(1) - did fail to maintain food premises to a standard of cleanliness where there is no accumulation of garbage, except in garbage containers; recycled matter, except in containers; food waste; dirt; grease; or other visible matter,
  7. Standard 3.2.2, clause 21(1) - did fail to maintain food premises and all fixtures, fittings and equipment, having regard to their use, and those parts of vehicles that are used to transport food, and other items provided by the business to purchasers to transport food, in a good state of repair and working order having regard to their use.