Conviction number:
Trade name of food business:
Address of premises where offence(s) occurred:
Home Consortium, Shop 8/330 Ballarat Road, Braybrook VIC 3019
Name of convicted person(s) or company:
Wrath BBB Pty Ltd
Relationship of convicted person(s) to the business:
Director of Proprietor Company
Date of conviction:
17 January 2020
Sunshine Magistrates’ Court
Court decision:
Found guilty with conviction
Sentence and/or order imposed:
Convicted and fined $1,612.00 and ordered to pay costs in the amount of $109.50
Prosecution brought by or for:
Maribyrnong City Council
Description of offense(s):

Food Act section 16(1) – on 15 January 2019 did fail to comply with any requirement imposed on the person by a provision of the Food Standards Code in relation to conduct of a food business or to food intended for sale or food for sale, specifically:

  • Standard 3.2.2, clause 17(1) – subject to subclause (2), did fail, for each food premises, to –
    • maintain easily accessible hand washing facilities
    • provide, at or near each hand washing facility –
      • single use towels or other means of effectively drying hands that are not likely to transfer pathogenic microorganisms to the hands; and
      • a container for used towels, if needed.