Conviction number:
Trade name of food business:
Primal Foods
Address of premises where offence(s) occurred:
49 John St, Oakleigh
Name of convicted person(s) or company:
Stuart Dods
Relationship of convicted person(s) to the business:
Date of conviction:
16 August 2019
Court decision:
Found guilty with conviction
Sentence and/or order imposed:
With conviction fined $5,000.00 as part of an aggregate order.
Prosecution brought by or for:
City of Monash
Description of offense(s):

Food Act section 16(1) – on 12 April 2019 did fail to comply with any requirement imposed on the person by a provision of the Food Standards Code in relation to conduct of a food business or to food intended for sale or food for sale, specifically:

  1. Standard 3.2.2, clause 6(1)(a) and (b) – did fail, when storing food, to store the food in such a way that – it is protected from the likelihood of contamination; and 
    the environmental conditions under which it is stored will not adversely affect the safety and suitability of the food
  2. Standard 3.2.2, clause 17(1)(b)(i) – did fail to maintain at or near each hand wash facility, a supply of warm running water
  3. Standard 3.2.2, clause 17(1)(c) – did fail to ensure hand washing facilities are only used for the washing of hands, arms and face
  4. Standard 3.2.2, clause 19(1)(c), (d), (e) and (f) – did fail to maintain food premises to a standard of cleanliness where there is no accumulation of food waste; dirt; grease; or other visible matter 
  5. Standard 3.2.1, clause 3(c) – did fail to set out a food safety program in a written document and retain that document at the food premises
  6. Standard 3.2.3, clause 15(2) – did fail to ensure storage facilities be located where there is no likelihood of stored items contaminating food or food contact surfaces
  7. Food Act section 35A(1)(a) – on 12 April 2019 did allow a food business to operate from a food premises that is not registered with the registration authority