Key messages

  • Understanding the patient experience across the pathway of care helps health services and health care professionals to improve ways in which care is delivered.

Project aims

The overall aim of the Victorian cancer patient experience survey tool project is to assist Victorian cancer services to improve the quality of cancer delivery and outcomes by collecting information about and reporting on the adult patient experience.

Phase 1 of this project, the development and piloting of the survey tool, was completed in 2013. A refined tool was tested in 2015. This second pilot study looked at both the care experiences of people treated for their cancer and learnings about the survey methodology. 

The pilots identified an opportunity to develop a suite of survey modules, comprising stand-alone surveys by treatment type, to allow health services to select the modules they want to use.

As a result a Cancer Patient Experience Survey Toolkit was developed. It comprises the survey tools and user manual. A database is available to assist with data entry and analysis. The database is available on request from Cancer Strategy and Development

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