Evaluation of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone, Latrobe Health Assembly and Latrobe Health Advocate

Deloitte Australia (Deloitte) has been engaged by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) as the evaluator of the: 

Referred to collectively as the "Latrobe Health Initiatives" or "initiatives".

To do this, Deloitte is working with Latrobe Valley communities, agencies, businesses, government, the Assembly and the Advocate. This means the evaluation provides opportunities for Latrobe Valley communities to positively influence the design and impact of the Latrobe Health Initiatives as they unfold. The evaluation is scheduled to continue until 2020. 


During 2017, a consultative process enabled Latrobe Valley communities and others to design the evaluation. This produced an evaluation framework with four broad impact areas for the initiatives, shown below.


The evaluation is now working with Latrobe Valley communities and others to carry out the evaluation – this started in early 2018 and will continue until 2020. The evaluation is collecting information through:

  • Broad consultation (including community surveys, workshops and forums)
  • Direct consultation (including attending existing meetings and events, and conducting semi - structured interviews)
  • Targeted consultation (including organisation surveys, community based visits, observational ethnography and case studies)
  • A review of initiative - generated documents and data, literature, and publicly available population health and wellbeing data. 

Evaluation reporting

Timely and transparent sharing of evaluation findings is an important component of this evaluation. To date, the evaluation has shared the following materials:

The final report will be presented in March 2020, as per the evaluation reporting timeline shown below.

Evaluation reporting timeline

If you have any questions regarding the evaluation, please contact Deloitte via email or facebook.