The Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter defines the values and guiding principles of the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone.

The Charter was written in collaboration with Latrobe Valley communities and organisations dedicated to improving health and wellbeing in the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone. It is a living document and may change over time to reflect the changing needs and priorities of Latrobe Valley communities.

The Latrobe Health Innovation Zone consists of the Latrobe City local government area. Within this zone, action is inspired by the Charter’s values and principles.


Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter logo

Latrobe Valley communities identified the core values of the Charter as:

  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Access
  • Equity
  • Inclusion

Guiding principles

Latrobe Valley communities, organisations and government who commit to the Charter will:

  1. Use a community-led approach to ensure all people, including those who are marginalised and under-represented, have choice, control and a voice in developing the supports and services they need in their lives
  2. Work with First Nations communities and health service providers to improve health and wellbeing
  3. Do something different, try new approaches and learn from mistakes to create new and innovative health and wellbeing models and programs
  4. Be fair and transparent by doing as we say to follow through on commitments to Latrobe Valley communities
  5. Communicate in plain language to build trust and respect among individuals, families, communities and service providers
  6. Work to improve the lives of everyone, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged
  7. Develop equitable access to the most appropriate supports and services for all people in Latrobe Valley communities
  8. Grow and nurture collaboration and coordination between agencies to develop new ways of delivering services that cut across boundaries to best meet the needs of each person
  9. Use a co-design model to shift how we think about and organise health services in the Latrobe Valley, and create innovative approaches to their design and delivery.

You are welcome to download the Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter and the Setting of the Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter in context.

Call to action!

So that real change can happen in the Latrobe Valley we are asking all government agencies, health and social service providers, schools, sporting clubs, community groups and others to commit to the Latrobe Health and Wellbeing Charter.