The Chief Health Officer undertakes a variety of statutory functions under health and food-related legislation and is responsible for:
  • developing and implementing strategies to promote and protect public health
  • providing advice to the Minister and the Secretary on matters relating to public health and wellbeing
  • publishing a comprehensive report on public health and wellbeing in Victoria on a biennial basis.
  • performing the functions or powers specified in the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 or any regulations made under that Act or any other Act.

Victorians are regularly informed about health issues with the potential to affect their health and safety by the Chief Health Officer. Information is provided via health alerts and health advisories for Victoria, and a range of other documents accessible on this site. 

For information about heat health alerts, visit Environmental Health.

Epidemic thunderstorm asthma status

Health alerts


2 October 2017 - Measles

2 June 2017 - Hepatitis A outbreak associated with frozen berries  

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