The Chief Psychiatrist issues clinical guidelines to provide specialist advice on various aspects of clinical service and to inform mental health practitioners and services about the operation and clinical issues in relation to the Mental Health Act 2014.  


Advisory notice - Alternative ECT consent pathway for adults who lack decision-making capacity (Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016)

Advisory notice - Criteria for searches to maintain safety in an inpatient unit - for patients, visitors and staff

Advisory notice - Dementia care in aged residential facilities - The role of Aged Persons’ Mental Health Services

Advisory notice - The psychiatrist's first assessment of new inpatients

Appointment of an authorised psychiatrist and delegation of powers

Appropriate locations for the use of seclusion in designated mental health services

Criteria for searches to maintain safety in an inpatient unit - for patients, visitors and staff

Electroconvulsive treatment

Electronic communication and privacy in designated mental health services

Equally well in Victoria: Physical health framework for specialist mental health services

Family Violence: Guideline and Practice Resource

Inpatient leave of absence

Mental health services and supported residential services

Reducing adverse medication events

Reportable deaths

Reporting checklist and procedure for sexual incidents on acute inpatient units

Restrictive interventions in designated mental health services

Staffing requirements for safe practice where patients are in locked areas within mental health inpatient units

Surveillance and privacy in designated mental health services

Treatment plans

Victorian Chief Psychiatrist Practice Direction 2019/01 - Reporting of incidents where there is a failure to comply with the Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act) – May 2019 (Word)

Working together with families and carers

Guidelines to be updated

The principles in the remaining guidelines are considered a requirement in good clinical practice, and will be updated to reflect the Mental Health Act 2014. See the Mental Health Act handbook for more information.

Access to beds

Assessment of intoxicated persons

Discharge planning guidelines

High dependency unit guidelines

Illicit substance use in acute inpatient mental health services

Managing persons required to attend police interview or court

Promoting sexual safety, responding to sexual activity, and managing allegations of sexual assault in adult acute inpatient units

Providing a smoke-free environment in public mental health inpatient and residential units

Safe transport of people with a mental illness

Subpoenas for documents, search warrants, or other requests by police for information

Advisory notice - heat health plans for vulnerable mental health consumers

Advisory notice - Practice of prone restraint