Cover of the Mental health workforce strategy document.The Victorian Government released its plan to attract, develop and retain the best possible mental health workforce on Saturday.

The Mental health workforce strategy is one of the first, critical steps to realise the goals of Victoria's 10-year mental health plan.

Victoria's mental health workforce is a major strength of the system, and is made up of skilled and dedicated people. The strategy will ensure we continue to grow and strengthen the workforce in a rapidly changing environment.

In addition to supporting people who work in Victoria's mental health services and programs, the strategy includes initiatives to build the capacity of broader health, social, education, justice, and community and family services workforces to respond to people with mental health issues.

One such initiative, the new Centre for Mental Health Workforce Development, is at the heart of the strategy. It will help to:

  • translate knowledge and innovation into practice
  • improve access to learning and development opportunities
  • embed essential workforce skills such as the ability to respond to diversity, complex needs and trauma.

Download the Mental health workforce strategy.