Workplace bullying and harassment is a serious health and safety issue in Victoria.

Promotional image for the 'Know Better. Be Better.' campaign featuring the slogan 'Bullying and harassment. They stop here.' and the Victorian Government and WorkSafe logos.Every year, one in six1 healthcare workers report they've been bullied at least once. One in ten healthcare workers report experiencing sexually harassment. These behaviours can cause serious health issues in health services.

The Department of Health and Human Services has partnered with WorkSafe Victoria to create a bullying and harassment awareness campaign in Victorian public health services.

'Know Better, Be Better' is the message, and it reflects extensive research and consultation with public hospitals, unions and peak bodies.

The 'Know Better, Be Better' campaign includes resources to ensure healthcare workers understand what constitutes bullying and harassment, encourage workers to speak up and leaders to take action to prevent and respond to bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviours where they occur. You can preview the campaign on the Know Better. Be Better. section on health.vic.

To further support health services to build and strengthen a positive workplace culture, the department has launched a new framework, guide, and pledge and training principles. You can view these resources at health.vic's Bullying and harassment section.


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