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  1. Overview: Mental Health and Wellbeing Reform online event [audio]

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  2. Greg Malcher presentation [audio]

    Greg Malcher presentation...

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  3. Self-care stories: Staying connected to others [audio]

    Listen to how staying connected to others helped Garry after being verbally abused at work...

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  4. Self-care stories: Positive self-talk [audio]

    Listen to how John used helpful self-talk when returning to work for the first time after he was assaulted by a patient...

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  5. Self-care stories: Controlled breathing [audio]

    Listen to how Sharni used controlled breathing to manage feelings of anxiety after experiencing an incident of occupational violence and aggression (OVA)...

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  6. Self-care stories: Planning pleasant activities [audio]

    Listen to how planning positive activities helped Laura's recovery after an incident of occupational violence and aggression (OVA)...

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  7. Gary Dowsett [audio]

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  8. Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights - Participation - audio brochure [audio]

    The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria audio brochures include information on what it means to you as a patient, consumer, family member or carer using the Victorian healthcare system...

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  9. Pam Williams Presentation [audio]

    Pam Williams Presentation...

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  10. Peter Strange presentation [audio]

    Peter Strange presentation...

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