Health alert:
Date Issued:
03 Jan 2013
Issued by:
Dr Rosemary Lester, Chief Health Officer, Victoria
Issued to:
Local government authorities, health and aged sector, government departments and agencies, service providers and community groups

Key messages

  • A heat health alert has been issued for the North Central District and Mallee District of Victoria for Monday 7 January 2013.
  • This is an alert only, to advise of forecast heatwave conditions.
  • You and your organisation should monitor local conditions and respond through your existing service continuity, heatwave or other relevant action plans.
  • All forecasts and current temperatures are available from the Bureau of Meteorology website.

What is the issue?

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast temperatures above heat health thresholds for Monday 7 January 2013 .

Note that the predicted mean temperatures for the North Central and Mallee districts are expected to meet the heat health temperature threshold of 30 C (North Central) and 34C (Mallee) due to high overnight minimum temperatures.

Who is at risk?

  • North Central District (based on forecasts for Seymour)
  • Mallee District (based on forecasts for Mildura)


The Department of Health is issuing this alert in order to allow you to make any preparations necessary to respond to heatwave conditions given the many impacts hot weather can have on human health, normal operations and essential services.