Health alert:
Date Issued:
02 Jan 2012
Issued by:
Chief Health Officer
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The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast temperatures above heat health thresholds for Monday 2 January in the following weather forecast districts:

Central District (in and around Melbourne)

North Central District (in and around Seymour)

Wimmera District (in and around Horsham)

Current forecast conditions indicate that heat health thresholds will also be reached in the North Central District (in and around Seymour) on Tuesday 3 January.

Hot weather is predicted across most of the state on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. As the forecast temperatures in a number of other districts are approaching heat health thresholds on Monday, it is essential that organisations continue to monitor local conditions and to respond accordingly through existing service continuity, heatwave or other relevant action plans.

The weather forecast districts and associated heat health thresholds are detailed in the Heat Health Alert System 2011-2012 guidance note.

Additional information, including communication resources, is available at:

Specific queries may be directed to the Environmental Health Unit, Department of Health on 1300 761 874 or

Yours sincerely

Dr Rosemary Lester

Acting Chief Health Officer