Issue number:
Date Issued:
29 Jan 2010
Issued to:
Public and Private Hospitals
To advise hospitals of the new funding stream available to assist with addressing the additional costs associated with organ donation.


The Victorian Department of Health is working in partnership with the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority (the Authority) on the implementation of the Commonwealth Government’s National Reform Package on Organ and Tissue Donation for Transplantation.

Since 1 July 2009, public and private hospitals participating in organ donation activity are eligible to receive funding to assist with addressing the additional costs associated with organ donation. This funding stream is known as “Activity Based Funding”.

The Activity Based Funding model provides a simple and fair method of delivering supplementary funding across the spectrum of organ donation activity. It is a standard cost model providing funding contribution for donation activity paid at the same rate to all hospitals without regard to their location.
Payments will be made on a quarterly retrospective basis to eligible hospitals for verifiable organ donation activity.

To be eligible to receive funding, claim forms will need to be submitted to the Authority as payments will be made for a range of organ donation activities, not just actual organ donation. The necessary claim form is part of the data collection tool that has been designed to support Activity Based Funding. The Authority has distributed the organ donation activity data collection tool to the 24 Victorian hospitals with funded specialist staff for organ and tissue donation.

For further information about the funding and the claim process, visit the Organ & Tissue Donation website.

Maree Guyatt
Integrated Care