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  1. 2019 Premier's Awards for Health and Medical Research finalists [video]

    2019 Premier's Awards for Health and Medical Research finalists

    All finalists for 2019 Premier's Awards for Health and Medical Research...

    Duration: 4:40

  2. Royal Commission into Victoria's mental health system - May 2019 [video]

    Learn about the progress of the Commission and how you can have your say to improve the way we deal with mental health in Victoria...

    Duration: 1:00

  3. Research Fellowships: Dr Bernard Pope [video]

    Survival from colorectal cancer and patient’s quality of life are significantly improved by early detection, treatment, and risk management. Dr Bernard Pope's research develops genomics driven...

    Duration: 2:05

  4. Research Fellowships: Dr Allison Milner [video]

    Stressful working conditions are known to be a major risk factor for mental health problems and suicide among men. Dr Allison Milner's research aims to develop initiatives to reduce the suicide rate...

    Duration: 2:03

  5. Research Fellowships: Associate Professor Ilana Ackerman [video]

    While the rates of hip and knee replacement are increasing among older Australian, these procedures often require revision surgery. Associate Professor Ilana Ackerman’s research focuses on minimising...

    Duration: 2:13

  6. 2018 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards judges [video]

    2018 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards judges

    Advice from the judged of the 2018 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards on various aspects of the awards...

    Duration: 4:13

  7. Kerryn Moore talks about her research [video]

    Kerryn Moore (The University of Melbourne / Burnet Institute / Shoklo Malaria Research Unit) talks about her research on the impact of malaria in pregnancy on birth outcomes in Asia...

    Duration: 1:05

  8. Clinical Consideration Dr B Hayes [video]

    This presentation discusses the clinical implications of the Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act and the organisational changes health services will need to consider prior to it coming into...

    Duration: 23:45

  9. Medical Treatment Act Paediatrics Dr J Hynson [video]

    Duration: 22:03

  10. ACP-forum-2017-What do people want expect Prof C Corke [video]

    This presentation discusses the results of a survey asking people about their end of life care preferences. The survey gave respondents a hypothetical situation in which there was a 70% chance of...

    Duration: 20:54