The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria brochure provides information for healthcare services on how consumer rights can be used to improve service quality and responsiveness.

The brochure is relevant to all types of healthcare services. Healthcare services include both small and large public and private hospitals, GP clinics, medical specialists, day procedure facilities, community health centres and private allied health providers such as psychologists, dentists, naturopaths and occupational therapists.

The brochure should be incorporated into all relevant policy and procedures and integrated into all relevant consumer information material and publications. For example, your health service could:

  • incorporate the brochure’s text into policy and organisational documents such as the mission statement, service charter, objectives, strategic plan, code of ethics and code of conduct
  • engage local consumer groups in discussion about the brochure and healthcare rights
  • use the brochure as a framework for reviewing organisational policies, informing program evaluation or as a reference point in managing complaints.

Informing patients, consumers, families and carers about their healthcare rights and the brochure is critical. This can be done by effectively promoting the brochure in your healthcare service.

Healthcare services and providers should consider:

  • building healthcare rights into their systems, policies and procedures
  • enhancing communication to help realise healthcare rights
  • promoting the brochure to patients, consumers and the community
  • training staff in healthcare rights.

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