Key messages

  • The annual quality account ensures accountability of health services, promotes system changes and continuous improvement, and provides consumers with information.
  • There are guidelines for presentation and content of the quality account.


In 2015-16 Victoria introduced a quality account to:

  • ensure accountability of health services
  • promote changes in systems and professional practices
  • promote continuous improvement
  • provide consumers with information.

A quality account describes the systems and processes in place for health services to monitor and improve quality. It emphasises what these systems do, particularly the results and outcomes of monitoring, and the action taken as a result of any identified quality issues. The reporting guidelines for the 2017-18 quality account are available from the Quality Accounts page on the Safer Care Victoria website.

The quality account has replaced the previous quality of care reporting.

Presentation of the quality account

The presentation of the report is important. It should:

  • Mercy Health QOC report contentsbe understandable and accessible to a lay audience
  • use clear formats and layouts
  • be an appropriate length
  • be interesting to read
  • use consumer and staff stories, with their permission
  • demonstrate the extent to which staff, consumers, carers and community groups were involved in developing the report, and in improving health services more broadly
  • demonstrate a mechanism for incorporating feedback
  • show how the previous year’s feedback has been used to improve current reporting.

Guidelines are available on the Quality Accounts page of the Safe Care Victoria website to assist Victorian health services to complete their quality account.

Cover of Victorian quality account reporting guidelines 2015-16Health service performance indicators

The annual reporting guidelines specify the mandatory quality and safety reporting requirements in the areas of:

  • patient experience 
  • infection control
  • maternity services
  • residential aged care
  • clinical mental health services
  • comprehensive care.

Health service boards should consult with their community about the content of their quality account and seek their evaluation of the report.

Mercy Health QOC report example

Quality accounts

Every year, each Victorian health service provider develops a report that describes the systems and processes in place to monitor and improve their health services.

View quality accounts for 2016-17 on Safer Care Victoria website

Contact details

  • Quality and Safety Branch

    • Telephone Number:+61 3 9096 6176