The Drug Treatment Activity Unit (DTAU) derivation rules set out how the department allocates DTAU for service delivery performance that is reported by AOD treatment providers.
These rules are set out in two documents:

  • DTAU Derivation Rules 2019-20: Plain English Guide -  This is an easy to read description of the derivation rules and may be useful for operational and clinical staff to understand how the services they deliver are allocated DTAU.
  • DTAU Derivation Rules 2019-20: Code version – This provides a code interpretation of the derivation rules which may be useful for service providers to develop internal performance reports.
For more information on the Victorian alcohol and drug services mixed-funding model, see Funding of alcohol and other drug services.


Publication Type
Policies and guidelines
Date Published
19 Mar 2020
Plain english version - 17 pages, Coded version - 17 page
Department of Health and Human Services