All businesses and community groups relying on a private water supply for drinking (potable) water must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the water is safe for human consumption.

Private water supplies–including water pumped from rivers, creeks, bores, dams and rainwater tanks–can contain a wide range of disease-causing microorganisms and harmful chemicals if the water is not treated correctly.

These guidelines are for any commercial or community facility that supplies people with drinking water, or commercially prepares or processes food using water from a private supply. It does not include individual household supplies or supplies provided by water authorities (such as town water).

Commercial and community facilities with a private drinking water supply can include:

  • cafés, restaurants, hotels and mobile caterers
  • food manufacturing premises
  • caravan parks and camping grounds
  • guest houses and motels, and backpacker, bed and breakfast and farmstay accommodation
  • petrol stations and roadhouses
  • community halls conference centres
  • recreational and sporting facilities
  • schools
  • school and church camps
  • mines and worksites.


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01 Oct 2009
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