Part 1: Overview and program management

Part 1 provides an overview of the HACC program, legislative requirements and key Victorian policy and program directions. This part details operational requirements such as the HACC quality framework, employee requirements, funding and reporting, and fees policy overview.

Part 2: Eligibility and access

Part 2 describes the target group, eligibility and priority criteria for the HACC program. It outlines the diversity initiative, the HACC program’s approach to assessment and care planning within the service coordination framework. As HACC is one of a number of government funded programs that clients might need to access, this part includes information about interfaces with other programs and the protocols or arrangements that apply.

Part 3: HACC funded activities

Part 3 provides comprehensive information about the services or funded activities provided by the HACC program. This part starts with a description of the active service model and how it applies across all HACC funded activities. The description for each activity is structured to include: the scope of the activity, details of how the activity is implemented in practice, staffing and reporting requirements. Links and references are included to other key policy documents or websites.


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Home and Community Care Program
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01 Jan 2013
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