Section 1 Introduction

Guide to uses of the VAED, data submission deadlines, contact details, useful references and publications.

Section 2 Concepts and derived items

Definitions of concepts and derived items that contribute to the VAED

Section 3 Data definitions

Specifications of data items relating to individual admitted patient episodes of care.

Section 4 Business rules

Business rules that apply for reporting data to the VAED.

Section 5 Compilation and transmission

Specifications for compiling a transmission file to send data to the VAED.

Section 6 Request reports

Reports hospitals can request in the header record of any transmission file sent to the VAED. 

Section 7 Control reports

Description of standard control reports automatically returned to the hospital when they submit data to the VAED.

Section 8 Validation

Listing in numerical order of all VAED validation messages with guide to assist in correcting the data.

Section 9 APET system

User guide to the Admitted Patient Entry and Transmission (APET) system, a web-based data entry system for sites with small throughput and no in-house patient management system capable of creating transmission file in correct format.

Section 10 Testing

Testing section of VAED manual.

Find out more at Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset


Publication Type
Policies and guidelines
Date Published
28 Jun 2018
10 Sections