Victoria’s digital health roadmap (the Roadmap) is our plan for digital health technology over the next five years. 

It aims to further improve the safety and efficiency of Victoria’s healthcare system, and to keep patients at the centre of care.

The Roadmap was developed by the department in consultation with stakeholders across government departments, health sector clinical and service leaders, and consumers of Victoria’s public health services.

Aims of the Roadmap

Five programs of work will continue to improve the safety and quality of health care by:

  • improving health service resilience against technology outages and cyber attacks
  • reducing the risks to patient safety associated with paper-based care processes
  • embedding patient-centred care by joining up healthcare records
  • creating more options for people to use home-based and virtual care, and care closer to home
  • giving consumers access to their own healthcare information.

The Roadmap aligns with and supports the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System’s Final Report, Volume 5: Transforming the system - innovation and implementation - particularly the chapters ‘Integrating digital technology’ and ‘New approaches to information management’.

More information about digital health

For more information about digital health and digital health standards, see Digital Health.


Publication Type
Policies and guidelines
Date Published
26 Aug 2021
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