2015 Local Government Area (LGA) Statistical Profiles

DHHS develops the LGA Statistical Profiles on an annual basis, to support and inform health and human service planning and policy development. The profiles contain data for all 79 LGAs, as well as for DHHS Areas and former Regions.

The 2015 Profiles provide measures on a broad range of topics including:

  • Population
  • Diversity
  • Disadvantage and social engagement
  • Housing, transport and education
  • Health status and service utilisation
  • Child and family characteristics and service utilisation

Rankings are provided to enable comparison of LGAs, along with the Victorian averages.

An Excel spreadsheet containing all data included in the profiles is available for download.

A comprehensive Data Definitions document is also provided. This document details each data item, provides the source and currency, and describes any data issues which may be relevant when interpreting the data. Please read and use these Definitions in conjunction with the Profiles. 

Data Definitions and Data Sheet