Key messages

  • An incident is any event which threatens the safety or wellbeing of residents or staff at, or in relation to, an SRS. An SRS must keep a record of all incidents.
  • SRS must also notify the Department of prescribed reportable incidents. These are: unexpected death of a resident; serious injury of a resident; allegation of sexual or physical assault; fire or other emergency event.
  • Resources are available for SRS proprietors and staff on responding to sexual assault allegations, responding to family violence and abusive behaviour, and preventing falls.

Incident records

Incident records are important records that Supported Residential Services (SRS) are required to keep by law. The Department of Families, Fairness & Housing has prepared a fact sheet that answers frequently asked questions about making incident records and notifying the department of prescribed reportable incidents.

Incident record templates can be found on the Forms and templates for SRS proprietors page.

Responding to allegations of sexual assault

In consultation with the Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) and the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA), the department developed resources to support SRS staff to respond to allegations of sexual assault.

Identifying and responding to family violence and abusive behaviour

This fact sheet outlines the process for responding to family violence and abusive behaviour. It also provides information and useful contacts.

Preventing falls

The falls prevention fact sheet outlines factors that can contribute to a fall. It also explains how to reduce the risk of falls for residents. It provides practical information on risk assessment, steps for arranging a medication review, and the role of the coroner.

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