Key messages

  • Proprietors of SRS are required to meet the Food and Nutrition Standards prescribed in the Supported Residential Services (Private Proprietors) Regulations 2012.
  • SRS proprietors are required to ensure food facilities, food storage and preparation practices comply with relevant laws. Food must be safely prepared and stored to help to prevent food poisoning.
  • Your local council Environmental Health Office can help to provide information and guidance on food safety practices within your SRS.
  • Residents' health, dietary needs and food preferences must be considered and respected in SRS.

Food facilities, storage and preparation

As a proprietor of an SRS, you have a responsibility to ensure that your SRS' food facilities and storage and preparation practices comply with relevant laws, including:

  • Food Act 1984
  • Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Food poisoning

Keeping food safe at your SRS is crucial to prevent food poisoning. Food poisoning is a serious health problem. It can cause severe illness and even death, particularly in vulnerable people such as people with other illnesses and older people.

Food poisoning is frequently caused by bacteria from food that has been poorly handled, stored or cooked. Food poisoning can be prevented by following proper procedures during food preparation, storage and display. Personal hygiene is an important part of preventing food poisoning.

Your local council's Environmental Health Officer can provide information and guidance on ensuring your food facilities and storage and preparation practices are compliant.

In emergency situations, such as bushfires, natural disasters and power failures, it is important that good food safety practices are continually followed.

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