Key messages

  • Proprietors of SRS have a responsibility to manage and control infectious disease outbreaks within SRS facilities, including outbreaks of gastroenteritis (gastro), respiratory illness and scabies.
  • SRS residents may be at a higher risk of contracting these diseases, and may experience an increase in severity and symptoms.
  • The department has a range of guidelines for the management and control of infectious diseases, including outbreaks of gastro and respiratory illness.

SRS proprietors must take all reasonable action to ensure that residents receive the healthcare they require, both on a day-to-day basis and when a resident falls ill.

Outbreaks of gastroenteritis, respiratory illness and scabies are more likely to occur within an SRS because of close living conditions, shared bathrooms, and chronic medical conditions.

Outbreaks must be managed and controlled quickly. Better Health Channel provides general information about the management and control of infectious diseases.

In addition, the department has developed specific guidance for aged care and residential care facilities to manage and control outbreaks of gastro and respiratory illness.. Proprietors should refer to the Better Health Channel and these guides in the event of an infectious disease outbreak in an SRS.

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