The Victorian Severe Substance Dependence Treatment Act 2010 (the Act) allows for a brief period (up to 14 days) of detention and compulsory treatment of people where this is necessary as a matter of urgency to save the person’s life or prevent serious damage to their health. It is a last resort treatment option for a very small group of people who, without this life-saving intervention, would most likely become permanently disabled or die. The Act is not targeted to people who are capable of making choices about their substance use, including refusing treatment.

The Act defines criteria for making a detention and treatment order and the process for making the order. It includes provisions for what happens once a person is admitted to the declared treatment centre.


The information provided on these pages is intended as general information about the Severe Substance Dependence Treatment Act and Regulations and not as legal advice. If individuals or service providers have queries about their obligations under the Act they should obtain independent legal advice.