The Victorian Alcohol and Drug Collection (VADC) is a new way of collecting and reporting data on activity that takes place within the alcohol and other drug treatment system. The new data collection replaces the Alcohol and Drug Information System (ADIS).

The VADC is a list of data elements (or types of information) that AOD treatment providers will be required to report from their own Client Management Systems (CMS) to the department.

The VADC also includes a number of business rules to ensure that all treatment providers submit data in the same way and in the same timeframes.

The VADC aims to streamline the current reporting process, with a smaller number of data items to be collected that reflect the current services delivered, as well as simpler processes for reporting that data to the department.

The new approach to data collection will allow the sector to develop a better understanding of how clients travel through treatment services and, by improving data quality, allow for more accurate assessment of system performance and client trends.

VADC Data Specification

VADC Data Specification (v2017.02.03) is now available for download from the VADC Specification and Supporting Documentation page.

More information about the release of the data specification and the implementation process can be found on the Project Update page.

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