Key messages

  • Regular project updates will be provided during the transition to the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Collection (VADC), the new way for alcohol and drug service providers to report to the department.
  • Updates will be posted regularly to this page to keep AOD service providers informed of the implementation process.

March 2018 update

Release of 2018-19 VADC Specification

The VADC Data Specification for 2018-19 has been released and can be accessed via the VADC data specification and supporting documentation page.

Amendments to the specification for 2018-19 have been limited to changes to support new and emerging initiatives and to clarify data definitions, business rules and data submission requirements. No new data elements have been added to the collection for 2018-19. However, codeset changes have been made to the following data elements in the 2018-19 Data Specification:

  • Country of Birth
  • Client - dependent child protection order flag
  • Event - funding source
  • Outcomes - accommodation type

The 2018-19 Data Specification replaces the 2017-18 Data Specification. Service providers are required to submit VADC data according to the 2018-19 Data Specification and can commence submitting data against the 2018-19 specification during 2017-18.

The following supporting documentation and files have also been updated for 2018-19

  • VADC Compilation and Submission Specification
  • VADC Implementation Guide

These files can also be downloaded from the VADC data specification and supporting documentation page.

All updated documents include a summary of changes that can be found near the front of each document before the table of contents.

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