Key messages

  • The Alcohol and Drug Information System (ADIS) captures data about alcohol and other treatment service programs.
  • The ADIS data collection platform and upgrades can be downloaded.
  • Installation and upgrade instructions and a range of other information are available.
  • The ADIS HelpDesk can be contacted for further information about collecting and submitting alcohol and other drugs treatment program data.

The Alcohol and other Information System (ADIS) collection is the primary source of data for a number of alcohol and drug treatment service programs including:

  • Alcohol and other Drug Treatment Services
  • Alcohol and other Drug Primary Health Services
  • Drink Driver Education Program.

Data collected in the Alcohol and Drug Information System

The FullADIS application is a reporting platform for agencies funded to provide alcohol and other drug treatment, drink drive assessment and education, and Local Drug Strategy Primary Health Services. The information is consolidated in the ADIS, a collection of all data from Victorian government-funded drug-treatment services. This includes data for:

  • client socio-demography and geography
  • drug treatment
  • primary health services.

FullADIS data is used to monitor agency performance and together with other information, is used extensively to inform service planning and policy development.

General features

ADIS operates in Windows98/Me/NT/2000/XP. To ensure data integrity, the database is not accessible through any other application (including MS Access). The user is granted rights according to their login status. Access to all functions within the program is controlled so only supervisors may perform sensitive operations. The program only shows or enables items relevant to the service being displayed.


Your agency staff or your IT area will install the program from a CD. A FullADIS installation guide is available to assist with this process.

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