2019 audit: Blood sampling volume audit

The audit tools are now available via the audit portal.

Serious transfusion incident report and summary 2017-18

The Serious transfusion incident report 2017-18 and summary report 2017-18 are now available to download.

Blood Matters win awards

Debra Ben Avram (AABB CEO), LinleyBielby, and AABB President Mike Murphy

We are pleased to announce that at the American Association of Blood Banking (AABB) in Sn Antonio, Texas, October 2019, Linley Bielby (Manager of the Blood Matters Program) was honoured with the President’s Award [Nursing] in recognition of her contributions as an educator and in implementing and supporting numerous transfusion nurse/trainer/safety officer roles through the Blood Matters Program.

Christine Akers (Transfusion Nurse) was awarded the CSL Behring Overseas Travel Grant, which was announced at the Blood 2019 conference in Perth in October.  Chris will be using the grant to attend the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) conference in Barcelona in June 2020.