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UpToDate for targeted rural clinicians

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The UpToDate® clinical resource is now available to support 50 rural health services in Victoria. It includes COVID-19 clinical resources to assist with your response.

To gain access, you need to navigate to UpToDate from one of the health servicesFor offsite access, you can use your Clinicians Health Channel login. If you need mobile app access, register for an UpToDate account first, log in from your device, and download the app. For help please contact CHC Help Desk on 1800 107 421 or email chchelpdesk@medicaldirector.com.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for health services and general practitioners

The Department of Health and Human Services is asking health professionals across the sector to watch out for signs and symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in patients who may have travelled to areas affected by the outbreak. Information on the Department's website is updated regularly for health professionals. You can find quick reference guide and checklist, guidelines for health services and general practitioners, current Victorian coronavirus disease (COVID-19) case definition, Chief Health Officer alerts, resources and factsheets for patients.

Victorian health library services

If you are unable to find a resource on the Clinicians Health Channel, contact your health service library.

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