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eTG mobile tokens funded centrally

Renew your token to continue to have your eTG complete mobile app. Applications for new tokens are open now. You do not need to ask your workplace to request a token. We are now funding them centrally via the Clinicians Health Channel. 

Paediatric Injectable Guidelines now available

Royal Children's Hospital - Safety Centre

Paediatric Injectable Guidelines from the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne is now available. Developed to assist in the safe and effective administration of injectable medicines in children, the latest edition has over 100 clinical updates to over 300 drug monographs.

Martindale's ADR checker now available

Martindale's adverse drug reactions (ADRs) checker

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) on MedicinesComplete platform is now available.

Palliative Care Formulary now available

Palliative Care Formulary

Palliative Care Formulary on MedicinesComplete platform is now available.

Renal Drug Database now available

Official subscription has started with full access.

BMJ Best Practice Comorbidities tool available

The new tool supports the management of the whole patient by providing guidance on the treatment of acute conditions alongside pre-existing comorbidities.

UpToDate for targeted rural clinicians

Up to Date logo

Access to UpToDate via the Clinicians Health Channel is for the 50 rural health services only. Most large health services have their own subscription. If you work for one of them, check with your library.

To gain access, you need to navigate to UpToDate from one of the health servicesFor offsite access, you can use your Clinicians Health Channel login. If you need mobile app access, register for an UpToDate account first, log in from your device, and download the app. For help please contact CHC Help Desk on 1800 107 421 or email chchelpdesk@medicaldirector.com.

There are a number of 45-minute training sessions available for UpToDate users. Registration is required.

Revised Toxicology and Toxinology guidelines released

The Toxicology and Toxinology guidelines have been extensively revised and expanded and are now available on eTG complete.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for health services and general practitioners

The Department's website provides daily updates from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, clinical resources and guides, checklists, case definitions, confirmed case notification processes, use of PPE, vaccines, medications and factsheets for patients. 

National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

As clinicians work to provide the best possible care for Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic, the taskforce is working to keep you up-to-date with the latest evidence.

Victorian health library services

If you are unable to find a resource on the Clinicians Health Channel, contact your health service library.

View Victorian health library services contacts

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