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In this issue:

  • Victorian immunisation schedule from January 2019
  • Zostavax® vaccination
  • Free vaccination resources
  • Free hepatitis B vaccine for people from priority countries
  • Meningococcal disease and vaccines  – MVEC information
  • Cold chain management during the holiday period

Victorian immunisation schedule from January 2019

Remember that from January 2019, the immunisation schedule will include the ActHIB® vaccine at 18 months of age. This vaccine will routinely provide a 4th booster dose of Haemophilus influenzae type b. This means at 18 months of age children will receive three vaccines as follows:

MMRV – PriorixTetra® or ProQuad®
DTP – Infanrix® or Tripacel®
Hib – ActHIB®
ActHIB® should also be administered if Hib vaccine is required for catch-up for children aged less than five years.

ActHIB vaccine

Download the poster, Where should I inject vaccines?

Order the ActHIB® vaccine from the Government vaccine order form.

Zostavax® vaccination

Confidently identify patients who may be contraindicated for shingles vaccine by using the Zostavax® GP Decision Aid.

Actively target the eligible 70 to 79 year old age cohort for Zostavax®. Check vaccine records first to confirm that the patient has not already had a dose. 

Zostavax® contains live attenuated varicella-zoster virus, containing 14 times more virus than the childhood varicella vaccine. Inadvertent administration to immunocompromised people is associated with a risk of disseminated disease from the vaccine virus. 

All vaccine doses should be reported to the Australian Immunisation Register.

The Zostavax® GP Decision Aid identifies patients who may be contraindicated for shingles vaccine.

Free vaccination resources

Free resources can be ordered to help the vaccination process and aid informed consent, such as the tear off pads for the Pre-immunisation checklist and the Vaccine side effects. Other posters, pamphlets, magnets and stickers are also available.

Confused by DTP containing vaccines and MMR containing vaccines? Download the posters to display the different vaccine brands and who is recommended to receive each brand.

Free hepatitis B vaccine for people from priority countries

People born in priority hepatitis B endemic countries* and who arrived in Australia in the last 10 years have access to free hepatitis B vaccination. 

People at greatest risk for hepatitis B infection and transmission include migrants from China, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Cambodia.

Order the hepatitis B vaccine from the section – Additional vaccines recommended for at-risk people on the Government vaccine order form.

Meningococcal disease and vaccines - MVEC information

The Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre has information to manage questions about the recommendations for the different meningococcal ACWY and B vaccines and vaccination for special risk groups.


In addition, a new video from the Australian Academy of Science can be viewed to help inform consumers and vaccine providers about the serious nature of meningococcal  disease.

Cold chain management during the holiday period

Do not overstock the government supplied vaccines if the health service is closing during the holiday period. This will minimise vaccine wastage if power outages occur due to severe weather events.

Cold chain management during the holiday period

Store enough vaccine to use for a one month period, allowing for buffer stock while waiting for the next delivery.

More information

A variety of quick reference vaccination infographics can be downloaded from the online Australian Immunisation Handbook.

Adverse events following immunisation should be reported to SAEFVIC, the Victorian vaccine safety service.

The Product Information for M-M-R-II® vaccine has been updated to reflect that the vaccine can be administered either by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.


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