Planning and preparing for emergencies in collaboration with other key stakeholders is an essential role for the department.

Emergency management planning

Planning for and responding to an emergency may involve:

  • developing capability for prevention, preparation, response and recovery across the hospital, primary health and aged care sectors
  • leading planning across all Victorian health services
  • directing the strategic health response
  • implementing legislation and programs, and monitoring procedures to minimise public health risk from infectious disease, contaminated food, contaminated water supplies and radiation
  • acting as a control agency for human disease or epidemics, food or drinking water contamination and incidents that involve radiological substances and intentional biological releases
  • coordinating deployment of qualified health professionals in response to interstate or Commonwealth requests
  • planning for clients and services, as set out in the Emergency preparedness clients and services policy.

Emergency management in Victoria

The Emergency Management Manual Victoria contains policy and planning for emergency management in Victoria and provides details about the roles different organisations play in the emergency management arrangements.

National emergency management guidelines include:

  • Australian emergency management arrangements (AEMA) 2009
  • National health emergency response arrangements 2011
  • AUSTRAUMAPLAN – Domestic response plan for mass casualty incidents of national consequence 2011
  • Disaster health handbook 2011.

Emergency management legislation

The Emergency Management Act 2013 established Emergency Management Victoria (EMV), which is a new agency that is leading the Victorian Government’s emergency management reform agenda.

Further information about the role of EMV and emergency management in Victoria can be found on the EMV website.

The Emergency Management Act 1986 and the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 also form part of Victoria’s emergency management legislation.

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- Emergency management contacts for clients and services policy (PDF 98.9 KB)
- Policy: Emergency preparedness policy for clients and services (PDF 155.6 KB)
- FAQs: Emergency preparedness policy for clients and services (PDF 57.4 KB)
- Reference guide and glossary for clients and services policy (PDF 137.9 KB)
- Relocation, sheltering and evacuation guide (PDF 331.3 KB)

Download the above documents from the DHHS website