In February 2014 the Hazelwood mine fire burnt for 45 days, becoming the largest and longest fire in the history of the Latrobe Valley.

At the time, the Latrobe Valley was impacted by smoke and ash from the burning brown coal. As a result, the roof cavities of houses in Morwell may contain coal ash from the mine fire.

To address this issue, the government engaged an independent expert to test and analyse any ash that may have settled in roof cavities of houses in Morwell and compare it to the results of testing from a control site (Rosedale). This includes an assessment of any potential health risks that may be caused by the ash.

A final project report by the independent expert outlines the results of testing and includes recommendations to the government about what was found in the roof cavities. The final project report and an executive summary are published on this page.

The executive summary is being sent to everyone who registered their interest in the project and is available to collect in local community hubs in Morwell. Please note that the final project report is a large, technical report of more than 1500 pages. For this reason, the printed version includes only the body text, with the appendices available to download from this page.

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