The Department of Health and Human Services is conducting the Hazelwood Long Term Health Study into the potential health impacts of the Hazelwood mine fire.

The study is being led by a team of researchers from Monash University.

Researchers will identify potential health outcomes for people who may have been impacted by the smoke from the mine fire. These might include heart and lung disease, cancer or mental health problems. It will also look at the effects on vulnerable groups such as infants and children, young people, and older people.

All queries about the study should be directed to Monash University in the first instance, or by emailing the department.

CSIRO air quality modelling report

On 13 February 2016 the Victorian government received the CSIRO air quality modelling report, which assesses the potential impact of exposure to smoke during the mine fire.

While the health impacts of carbon monoxide are already well understood, this report and the Hazelwood Long Term Health Study includes the analysis of potential health effects of carbon monoxide, other criterion pollutants and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. The CSIRO report provides important information that will be used as part of the government’s work to provide better health services for those that were exposed to the mine fire smoke.

Review of the scope and structure of the Hazelwood Health Study

Recommendation 6 of Hazelwood Mine fire inquiry report 2015-16: volume III - health improvement requested that the government review the scope of the Hazelwood Long Term Health Study. In April 2016, the department engaged Deloitte Access Economics to undertake this review.

Deloitte Access Economics delivered the Review of the Hazelwood Health Study final report in July 2016.

On 4 October 2016 the government announced its response to the review. The government response is available from the Downloads section on this page. You can also view a frequently asked questions about the government's response.

Hazelwood Long Term Health Study Ministerial Advisory Committee

The Hazelwood Long Term Health Study Ministerial Advisory Committee commenced meeting in July 2017. It provides independent oversight, transparency and better engagement with the community in relation to the Hazelwood Long Term Health Study. There are seven members on the Committee, including residents from the Latrobe Valley. The Committee reports to the Minister for Health, giving expert advice about the Long Term Health Study to ensure the study's success.

The Committee works closely with the Health Innovation Zone and Health Assembly, ensuring all Latrobe Valley communities benefit from the innovations and investments being made by the government across the region, including the Hazelwood Long Term Health Study.