Key messages

  • The Department of Health provides the Training and Development grant which contributes to the costs associated with teaching and training in Victorian public health services.
  • Professional-entry student placements, graduate funding, and postgraduate medical, nursing and midwifery and allied health funding streams support the development of Victoria’s future health workforce.

The Department of Health (the department) provides Training and Development funding to Victorian public health services to contribute to the costs associated with teaching and training to support the development of a high-quality future health workforce for Victoria.

Multiple streams of funding are allocated to support the continuum of teaching and training activities including:

  • professional-entry student placements
  • transition-to-practice – early graduate positions (medical year one and two, nursing, midwifery and allied health)
  • postgraduate medical, nursing and midwifery positions
  • continuing nursing and midwifery education grants
  • other targeted workforce training and development programs

The Training and Development Funding - Program Guidelines available here provide details on the eligibility criteria, allocation approach and reporting requirements to assist health services to meet relevant conditions of funding.

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the department policy and funding guidelines. 

Any queries regarding these guidelines should be directed to

Growth Funding – Diploma of Nursing Acute Clinical Placements 2022

To support Victorian public health services increase quality Diploma of Nursing student placements through the Victorian Government Free TAFE initiative, additional funding was provided by the Victorian Department of Education and Training for growth grants to be distributed by the Department of Health.

These grants are for Victorian public health services, in partnership with TAFEs, where it can be demonstrated that there is an increase in planned 2022 Diploma of Nursing acute clinical placement activity, and no decrease in other nursing and midwifery clinical placement activity from 2018 levels. The increased activity will attract additional funding as per the Growth Grant Funding Guidelines.

For more information regarding the grants please see the 2022 Growth Grant Funding Guidelines the downloads section below.