The Department of Health and Human Services (the department) provides the Training and Development Grant (the Grant) to Victorian public health services to contribute to the costs associated with teaching, training and research. The teaching and training components on the Grant are allocated to support the development of a high-quality future health workforce for Victoria across three streams of funding:

  • professional-entry student placements
  • transition-to-practice – early graduate funding (medical PGY1 & PGY2, nursing and midwifery and allied health)
  • postgraduate medical and nursing and midwifery funding
  • continuing nursing and midwifery education grants

These program guidelines provide details on the methodology and allocation approach for the Grant and are to assist health services to meet reporting requirements. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Victorian health policy and funding guidelines 2018-19. Any queries regarding these guidelines should be directed to

Funding Streams

In 2017-18 over $160 million was allocated to public health services through the Grant. The Grant subsidises teaching and training activity for:

  • Professional-entry student placements to support the delivery of professional-entry student placements. Subsidies are based exclusively on health services’ proportion of total (weighted) clinical placement activity for students enrolled in a professional-entry course of study in medicine, nursing (registered and enrolled), midwifery, allied health (including allied health assistance) and health information management.
  • Transition to practice – early graduate to contribute to the cost of supervision and on-the-job training in the first year for approved nursing, midwifery and allied health graduate positions, and the first two years for approved medical graduate positions. Some allied health students undertaking professional practice placements are also supported through this stream.
  • Post graduate - nursing and midwifery to contribute to postgraduate study and/or employment arrangements, including the cost of supervision, for approved positions.
  • Continuing nursing and midwifery education grants - to support the cost of developing and delivering education programs for nurses and midwives

The downloads section of this webpage contains detailed information on the application and allocation process of these streams.

Please note that the annual executive-level endorsement of funded training and development activities due on the 27 July 2018 is no longer required to be submitted.