Promotional logo for the 2019 Minister for Health Volunteer Awards

Do you know a volunteer working for a Victorian government funded healthcare provider or organisation delivering public health programs that is making an outstanding contribution to the lives of people?

The 2019 Minister for Health Volunteer Awards open for nominations at 9.00am Tuesday 5 February and close at 5 pm Tuesday 5 March 2019.

Nominations for the Volunteer Awards are accepted from any Victorian or any Victorian organisation for a volunteer who works at a Victorian government-funded healthcare providers and organisations delivering public healthcare programs.

The Volunteer Awards nominations must be submitted through the online submission system.

These awards highlight and celebrate volunteering and its significant contribution to public healthcare in Victoria. The awards recognise the individuals and teams who demonstrate outstanding dedication and commitment to public healthcare through volunteering.

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Key dates

  • Nominations open – 9.00 am Tuesday, 5 February 2019
  • Nominations close – 5.00 pm Tuesday, 5 March 2019
  • Security screening – mid March to late April
  • Judging – mid March
  • Finalists announced – late April
  • Awards ceremony – late May

Award categories

The 2019 Minister for Health Volunteer Awards recognise the outstanding contribution of volunteers in the following six categories, as well as the Honour Roll.

Award categories

How to nominate

  • Step 1: Read the nomination guide

    Read the nomination guide, including the terms and conditions below, and review the submission requirements of entry for the awards. 

    Handy tips can be found in the 'Tips for writing your nomination' located in the nomination guide.

    Allow up to two weeks to collect the information you will need. 

  • Step 2: Determine who to nominate

    Determine who to nominate - an individual or team. Discuss the nomination with the nominee's supervisor or equivalent, you are required to get their endorsement for all nominations.

    Volunteers can be nominated again after three years, meaning that volunteers nominated prior to 2016 are now eligible. However, if they are being re-nominated for volunteer work of a different nature, the three year exclusion does not apply.

    Nominees must not have previously received an individual outstanding achievement award.

  • Step 3: Log in to the online submission system
    Log in to the Minister for Health Volunteer Awards online submission system and register your details.
  • Step 4: Complete your online nomination
    Complete your online nomination form by typing directly into the electronic form making sure you keep within the total 1000 word count. The system will close at 5.00pm Tuesday 5 March.
  • Step 5: Accept your nomination (shortlisted nominees only)
    Shortlisted nominees will be contacted in early April and asked to accept their nomination. Each individual nominee and team nomination will be required to satisfy the safety screening requirements before they can progress.  Please take the time to read the new safety screening requirements.

New safety screening requirements

Shortlisted individual nominees will be contacted in early April and asked to accept their nomination. 

All short-listed nominee(s), regardless of whether they are an individual or team member, will be required to receive CEO endorsement from their respective organisation as part of the screening process. This endorsement will be managed by the Awards Secretariat.

Requirements for short-listed nominee(s) with a current police check

If the short-listed nominee has a current police check, the nominator of the short-listed nominee(s) is required to supply a copy of the current police check documentation held by their respective organisation. This document is then to be emailed directly to the Awards Secretariat at:

Requirements for short-listed nominee(s) without a current police check 

If the short-listed nominee(s), regardless of whether they are individual or team nominations, does not have a current police check on the volunteer organisation’s records, A National Police Check Consent Form and Statutory Declaration for an International Police History Check is required to be submitted with accompanying documentation. 

The nominator of the short-listed nominee(s) is required to co-ordinate and supply a copy of this documentation by emailing it directly to the Awards Secretariat at:

Honour Roll inductees will be required to do the same. Further instructions in relation to this new screening process will be outlined in the email notifying the nominee(s) that they have been short-listed. 

Judging panel

Judges for the Minister for Health Volunteer Awards are drawn from Victoria’s extensive health services sector. They bring a range of skills, experience and enthusiasm for improving the lives of people, to their judging. The judges generously volunteer their time to assess the nominations and make final recommendations.

The judges will review the nominations to consider the nominee’s relative merits in relation to their commitment, level of service and their innovation and excellence in how their work benefits people. The judges will then make their recommendations to the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services.

Every judge has an obligation to disclose to the Secretariat and their judging panel any relationship that may lead to a perception of a conflict of interest. Most of these relationships will not rise to the level of a conflict of interest, but disclosure will allow the judging panel to evaluate potential conflicts and protect the integrity of the process.