• Who can apply?

    You can apply, if you are a Victorian government-funded healthcare provider or organisation, delivering public health services and programs.

    Organisations eligible to apply can include, but are not limited to:

    • hospitals
    • community health services
    • mental health services
    • aged care services
    • integrated care centres
    • ambulance services
    • charity and non-government organisations
    • organisations delivering public health research and initiatives.

    Organisations that have worked collaboratively with other organisations can jointly submit a submission for an award. If you are unsure of your eligibility, contact the awards secretariat for advice.

  • How do I submit my entry?

    Entries are submitted via Award Force (an online award submission website). You will be able to submit any time after entries open and before the closing date. You will also be able to edit or delete your entry until the submission close date.

    Full instructions on how to apply, will be uploaded to this site in late 2021.

  • What are the categories for submission?

    The categories for 2022 Award period are yet to be finalised. Further details will be provided shortly.

  • What is the entry criteria?

    The entry criteria will be set out in the 2022 entry guides. Entry guides will be released via this website late 2021.

  • Will I be allowed to submit for an award if I do not meet the eligibility requirements?
    All entries must meet the eligibility requirements as specified in the terms and conditions to be eligible to submit an entry.
  • When will winners and finalists be announced?

    Finalists will be announced in mid to late 2022. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in late 2022.

  • How is my submission judged?
    A judging panel is assigned to each award. Individual panel members are selected for their expertise and experience and to ensure the panel represents the full spectrum of healthcare activity. We make sure there is no conflict of interest and the adjudication process is carried out with the utmost confidentiality and objectivity. The judges assess all the entries in their category online through our secure adjudication system.
  • Can I submit more than one entry?

    Yes, your organisation can submit multiple entries, but a program or person can only be lodged for a single award. We understand that your entry may be suitable for more than one category, but you need to select the award that best matches the central purpose of your program or initiative.

    Please note that if the same entry is submitted for more than one award, all entries will be deleted.


  • We didn't win in previous years, can we reenter this year

    Yes, you can. Previous entries, including those that received commendations, can re-apply. For commended entries, previous honors should be noted on your entry form, and the entry should focus on the new achievements, successes and outcomes since you lodged the initial entry.

  • Can i delete or change my entry after it has been submitted?

    Yes, you can but only up to the closing date.  Any edits or deletions must be made prior to the close date. After creating your submission, if you wish to change your award category, please contact the award secretariat to discuss the change.

  • Can I upload supporting documentation with my entry submission?
    Yes. One supporting document (up to three single-sided A4 pages) – in the form of graphs, charts, tables or other illustrative material – can be included.
  • How do I edit my entry?

    To edit your entry, log back into the online submission website and click on your entry. Please note: Even if you have submitted an entry you will be able to edit the entry at any time until the entries close.

  • Can I include video or DVD to support my entry?

    You can include a link to a video hosted by an external site as part of your entry. Please ensure the video is less than 5 minutes. DVD’s will not be accepted

  • Will I still be able to log in to the online submission website after submissions close?
    Yes. You will be able to log in and view your entry after that date, but you will not be able to make changes or withdraw your submission.
  • What award should I apply for? Can you review my selection and advise me?

    Unfortunately, no. We cannot review or advise which award you should apply for. Please review the award descriptions to decide on the most appropriate category for your entry.

  • Can you send me the questions in an email message?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to email the questions to applicants.  All the criteria questions and terms and conditions are in the entry guides. You can use the offline entry forms to assist with the entry process.

  • How can I get help?
    Contact the awards secretariat for assistance.