Category awards

Excellence in women's health

Women and girls make up just over half of Victoria’s population. Victorian women are living longer, but with more chronic illness and more years living with a disability. Further, their patterns of disease differ as they age, and from the disease patterns among men.

This award will focus on initiatives that improve the health and well-being of Victorian women. Of particular focus will be health promotion, disease prevention and early intervention specific to women, maternity services and reproductive health.

Improving Aboriginal health

Many Aboriginal people in Victoria enjoy good health however, as a group, they are more likely to experience poorer health outcomes than non-Aboriginal people. Person, family and community centred-care lies at the heart of good Aboriginal health service delivery, early intervention and prevention.

It is locally developed, culturally informed and empowers Aboriginal people to make the best choices about their health. This award focuses on innovations in Aboriginal health and inclusiveness.

Improving healthcare through clinical research

This award focuses on innovation and achievements in clinical research, which improve the patient experience and outcomes. This includes work through the practical application of clinician-led research.

Improving integration of care for patients with chronic and complex conditions

The award recognises excellence in integrating health care for patients with chronic and complex conditions, which could include integrating care within an organisation or across a broader range of providers, including social care supports. It is looking to identify initiatives or approaches that arrange services around the needs of the patients and provide earlier and more connected support to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes as well as patients' experiences of their care.

Improving workforce wellbeing and safety

A positive culture places the system, organisations and individuals in a better place to provide effective and efficient patient care, maintain wellbeing and solve complex issues.

This award focuses on improving the health and safety of staff through OH&S improvement initiatives to address areas of high risk, in particular, on reducing occupational violence and aggression, building a safe and respectful organisational culture and preventing and responding to bullying and harassment.

Areas of particular focus include:

  • emergency departments
  • mental health services
  • alcohol and other drug services
  • workforce innovation or reform
  • preventative initiatives.

Safer Care Victoria Award for excellence in quality and safety

The award for quality and safety in the healthcare sector recognises innovations, processes and procedures that improve the delivery of safe, quality care within the Victorian healthcare system.

It highlights the dedicated work of health professionals in partnering with consumers to enhance health care services and patient outcomes, and celebrates the collaborative efforts and roles many areas have made to improve the experience of healthcare in Victoria.

Safer Care Victoria compassionate care Award

This award is for individuals, teams and organisations who demonstrate outstanding compassion, empathy and care for their patients. The award recognises an individual, team or organisation that has made a significant difference to patient care by acting on patient needs, values and preferences.

In particular it should demonstrate:

  • an ambitious and innovative way of delivering care
  • high-quality management and leadership
  • an approach that can be easily measured and have a real impact
  • how the approach has made a difference to patient care
  • how it makes a difference in the long term
  • how easily it can be replicated in other organisations.

Whole of hospital model for responding to family violence

This award focuses on improving the health response to family violence for patients and their families via systemic change including processes and systems in health care services, creating awareness of family violence, building skills in sensitive inquiry and developing partnerships with specialist family violence providers.

Key awards

Minister for Health's Award for improving maternal, child and family health

This award recognises organisations, teams and individuals making extraordinary contributions to improving the health and wellbeing of Victoria's parents, babies and children through the fields of prevention and health promotion, health care and research (including listening to the voice of children and young people).

Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Award for excellence in public sector aged care

This award celebrates Victoria's aged care sector that supports programs and services to meet the needs of the increasing number of older Victorians.

This includes:

  • responding to the changing demographic profile of Victoria, understanding its impacts and maximising the opportunities of an ageing population
  • supporting older Victorians' ability to age well across three main areas of focus: optimising health and wellbeing at all life stages, addressing disadvantage and improving social participation
  • improving access and/or quality of service provision for our diverse older population.

Minister for Mental Health's Award for excellence in supporting the mental health and well-being of Victorians

This award recognises achievements, excellence and innovation in mental health service delivery that improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians with mental illness. 

Minister for Equality's Award for supporting LGBTIQ health

Being an inclusive service provider significantly improves the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ Victorians. The Award recognises individuals or organisations that have taken initiatives to overcome barriers to LGBTIQ inclusive healthcare and the progress made in their own journey to be more LGBTIQ inclusive.

Secretary's Award for excellence in culturally diverse health

Victoria is Australia’s most culturally diverse state, with almost one quarter of our population born overseas. Victorians come from over 230 countries, speak over 200 languages and follow more than 120 different faiths.

This award focuses on health services and health professionals who successfully deliver culturally responsive services that successfully meet the needs and preferences of newly arrived migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers, as well as groups with a long-established presence in Victoria.

Chief Health Officer's Award for supporting healthy populations

Health services have a leading role in delivering health and wellbeing for all Victorians.

This award recognises innovation, excellence and quality where health services work with partners to drive a stronger focus on prevention and early intervention to improve the health of not only its patients and staff but also that of the wider community. The prevention initiatives will demonstrate collective approaches that contribute to population wide health and wellbeing outcomes that address the multiple risk factors for poorer health outcomes.

Premier’s Health Service of the Year Awards

Victoria's most prestigious accolade to which a health service can aspire. The Awards recognise leadership and excellence in the provision of publicly-funded healthcare for the Victorian community.

Four awards will be presented for outstanding health service performance to the:

  • primary health service of the year
  • small health service of the year
  • medium health service of the year
  • large health service of the year.

For details on how to enter, see the Premier's Health Service of the Year awards section and the entry guide.