Key messages

  • The Health Workforce Reform Implementation Taskforce was established to provide health sector leadership and to implement selected health workforce reform priorities.
  • The taskforce’s work program includes workforce priorities in enrolled nursing, extended nursing roles, advanced allied health roles, uptake of the assistant workforce and uptake of general medical roles.

The sector-led Health Workforce Reform Implementation Taskforce (HWRIT) was established in 2012 to endorse, lead and oversee the implementation of a selected program of health workforce reform in Victoria. The role and the way the taskforce interacts with the sector and the Department of Health & Human Services are outlined in the Workforce innovation and reform roadmap. As part of this process the department and the HWRIT determine the future strategic priorities for the state’s health workforce reform agenda and program every two to three years.

Taskforce overall objectives

  • optimising the utility of the existing health workforce
  • unlocking the latent potential in the health service delivery system
  • shifting the locus of care from the acute sector to the community

Taskforce current strategic priorities

In 2013 the Taskforce reviewed its strategic priorities for the 2014-17 period and identified the following strategic priorities:

  • promote and accelerate continued uptake and mainstreaming of allied health assistants and advanced practice roles
  • expand the reach and accelerate the implementation of advanced nursing roles, the uptake of the health assiatnt (nursing) role, and nursing t=eam and skill mix initiatives
  • expand community capacity to support return to wellness and re-connection to community and primary care services
  • redesign prescribing models and expand prescribing authorisation across health workforces
  • expand cross sector workforce roles that improve the care of older people in community and acute care settings and reduce hospital admissions

The work of the HWRIT is supported by the Victorian innovation and reform impact assessment framework – a key evaluation resource developed for use with all health workforce innovation and reform initiatives in Victoria.

The taskforce’s work program draws on the learnings and successful work undertaken through the Better Skills Best Care strategy – Evaluation of three Better Skills Best Care pilot projects and Growing your assistant workforce. It also draws on work undertaken in partnership with Health Workforce Australia in nurse endoscopy and physiotherapy in emergency departments on extended roles in nursing and allied health.

The inaugural chair of the HWRIT is Dr Brendan Murphy, CEO, Austin Health.

The membership of the HWRIT is available at the bottom of this page.

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